Allergies:  Earth Animal-Allergy & Skin

Breath:     Earth Animal-Clean Mouth Gums and Breath

Calm:       Vital Planet, Earth Animal 

CBD Oil:   Holistic Hounds, Pet Releaf

Ears:         Earthbath-Wipes, Excel-3 in 1                                                      Powder, , Zymox-Cleaner & Solution,                   

Eyes:       Earthbath-Wipes, Excel-Tear Stain Remover, Burt                  Bees-Eyewash. 

Immunity:    Bixi, Earth Animal, Flora Dog

Joints:           Arks Naturals-Joint Rescue, Animal E                                         Essentials-Joint Support 

Nose/Paw:   Bella's Boo Boo Balm 

Shin & Coat:  Grizzly Krill Oil, Earth Animal-Allergy & Skin,                          Bixbi-Skin & Coat, Grizzly Oil, Ultra Oil 

Paw:               Pura-wipes, Earthbath - Facial Wipes

Parasite Treatments:  Earth Animal-No More Worms

Probiotics:    Vital Planet (dogs and cats)

Teeth:             Pure Organic-Dental Solution, Pura Organic                             Gel, Zymox-Toothpaste Ge, Tropiclean-Fresh                             Breath, Plaqueoff- Powder and Treats.  

Wounds/Hot Spots: Zymox- Cream and Spray, Lumino-Canine Cool Balm, Kong Cloud - Inflatable Collars


Treats with Supplements

Dozer:   Dental Chews 

Earth Animal: Calm, Trim, Energy,                            Shine, Soothe, Fresh 

Grandma Lucy: Coconut, Apple, Blueberry or Pumpkin Treats 

Holistic Hound:  CBD

Pet Releaf:  CBD

Flea and Tick 

Diatomacecus Earth 

Earth Animal: Herbal Drops 

Pura: Shampoo, Spray, Bar Soap. 

Wondercide: Sprays, Powder, Collars, Spot-on

Cat Supplements 

Grizzly Salmon Oil 

Nutre Vet: Hairball Gel 

Pet Naturals: Hairball Chews 

Treatables: Hemp Oil 

Vital Planet: Probiotics 

Wondercide: Flea/Tick Collars,  Spot On

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