Meet Our Groomers

Aaron is an excellent groomer with years of experience. He is very patient with the dogs and cats and they all seem to love him. He takes his time with each pet to ensure they are treated properly and look their best when you pick them up. Please call 770-664-5700 to make an appointment.  Or Contact us. 

 Milbrey, she has been with us several months has groomed many dogs of all breeds and is doing a great job. She is becoming certified, very patient, and will take very good care of your pet.

Give us a call to book an appointment with her.   770-664-5700

Or contact us. 

Before and After

Before and After

JC Pet Shoppe Grooming for Dogs and Cats


 Call or stop in for a starting price. After we meet your dog or cat, we can assess the condition of the skin, coat, and if there are mats, to give you a firm price.   If your dog is a puppy, as they grow, their weight will change and the rates will also change.  We can help keep your dogs nails short and smooth with a dremel between grooming's (no appointment needed for nail trims.)

Services we offer. Call to set an appointment or stop in to meet the groomers. Feel free to bring your dogs, we'd love to meet them

Brush and bath 

Small          1-25 LB     

Medium    26-50 LB   

Large         51-75 LB     

XLarge      76 LB +      


Nail Trim with Dremel  $15.00 

Teeth Brushing      $10.00 

Anal Glands           $15.00

Ear Treatment       $15.00

Nails Painted         $10.00

Mini Groom

Includes: Brush, bath, Nails, Sanitary Cut, 

 Feet & Face Trimmed.


Full Groom

Includes: Mini groom + Body Hair Cut

and Styled. 

Dematting fee of $10-25 may be added to Mini or Full Groom depending on size of the dog and number of mats. 

Every dog is a little different to bathe, groom and trim nails. 

These prices may be adjusted. Please call or contact us for a rate. 


 Brush only:  $40            Nail Trim only:  $10              Full Groom: Bath, shave, brush and nails $70

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Text us: 

(770) 664-5700